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Quality Idea
      BENQIU understand clearly that the quality of what goes into a product or service determines the quality of what comes out. Therefore, for the quality control, it not only just depends upon the routine inspection by the quality control department, but also the company-wide quality management system that our all staffs participate in. Whatever the quality control department or the production department, whatever the administrative personnel or the professional personnel, we each staff must be faithful in the discharge of our duties, and do it correctly and completely according to the quality specification and the operation procedure in the first time, so as to ensure the product quality reliable, and keep the customer satisfied.
Quality Assurance
  1. The company-wide quality management system;
  2. The education and training in quality control;
  3. The routine check-up system of quality control;
  4. The improvement activities of QCC;
  5. The quality control tools of Q7 and N7;
  6. The sampling procedures of AQL MIL-STD-105D;
  7. The company-wide quality promotion activities.
Inspection Instrument
1. Material Analysis Spectrometer 2. Plating Thickness Tester 3. Salt Spray Tester
4. Rubber Hardness Tester 5. Thread Gauge 6. Thickness Gauge & Calipers
7. Torsion Meter & Barcode Scanner    

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